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Professional film and tape transfers.

Convert legacy tape formats to a high quality digital format for broadcast, archival or sharing purposes.

Don't let your favorite memories fade away. Contact us now to have your family files or videotape digitized to the latest digital formats that you can share with friends and family for generations to come.

Home Movie Transfer Service In Canada

How it Works


Mail or courier the originals

Step 1 - You Send in Your Tapes

Once the originals have been received, a receipt of order is noted in the account and cataloging physical contents, including inspection of customer supplied contents for damage, and noting areas in need of repair is done.



Step 2 - We Digitize Them

All tape materials will be converted to Apple ProRes 422 for the preservation copy, and to H.264 or MP4 for the access copy. Films will be converted to MP4 and slides to a high resolution jpeg. Precision Transfers will maintain a backup of all captured content on Data tapes for a period of 60 days, as additional protection.


Returning the originals

Step 3 - We Send Them Back

If selected, we can return the original source materials and new digital copies via door-to-door transport*. If the customer choses to do so, the original media can be recycled and only the digital download file would be provided.

Formats & Pricing

FormatDuration (in min)Cost
VHS / VHS-C / S-VHS / Betamax30 - 120$19 - 34 + HST
Sony 3/4" U-matic30 - 120$29 - 49 + HST
8mm / Hi-8 / D830 - 120$19 - 34 + HST
MiniDV / DVCam / HDV30 - 120$20 - 39 + HST
Betacam / BetacamSP / DVCPro30 - 120$30 - 68 + HST
DVD to Digital TransferHi res MP4$14 per DVD + HST
35mm slide transferHi res JPEG$1.60 per slide + HST

Why Precision Transfers

Precision Transfers specializes in high quality digitization of a variety of media for businesses, educational institutions, audiovisual media libraries and for the consumer. Quality is the focus for media digitizing and preservation.

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Backed by state-of-the-art systems, Precision Transfers can outperform what you get from your local retail store. We are a dedicated facility, focused on preservation of your media, with a no-frills approach to each project. We give you only what you need, while offering any service level you desire.

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Our goal - offering you the highest quality media transfer available, with the best service possible, at reasonable rates. We go the extra mile for our clients insuring that your media is digitized successfully, no-matter what the challenges are. Your media is handled and stored safely and professionally throughout our entire digitization process.

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The end result - we insure that our clients are thoroughly satisfied with the final product and their media is digitized in a way that will satisfy both their current needs while withstanding the future tests of time.

Mail or Bring your
tapes to:

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London, Ontario, Canada
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Office hours:
8:30am – 5:00pm Monday - Friday

About Precision Transfers

In 2018 Precision transfers was formed as part of Keyframe Communications Inc.. Our team at Precision Transfers is exclusively focused on being the highest-quality provider of media conversion and archiving services nationally. Our studio has been designed to mitigate all potential risks associated with the handling and processing of a high volume of multiple media formats and ensures the delivery of a best-quality digital solution fit to the client’s specific requirements. Our methodology is based upon 30 years of dedicated professional media conversion and archiving experience coupled with 20 years of leading-edge global corporate experience resulting in the creation of what we know to be the “best in class” provider of these services in Canada.