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PAL / SECAM Transfer

Have you or a member of your family ever lived abroad or received tapes from family overseas?

If so, it’s very likely that any of the video tapes you have are PAL format tapes. The good news is that we can absolutely Convert PAL or SECAM format tapes to Digital.

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Converting VHS Video Tapes to Digital

Converting VHS tapes to Digital might not seem a high priority, but if you have old tapes lying around, they could be storing valuable information that could be lost. Here are our top reasons why you should consider converting VHS tapes to Digital format.

VCRs are no longer available and working ones are becoming very difficult to find. Magnetic tape is ideal for playing back our favourite memories or reliving a significant event in the short term. Even if you don’t watch them, video cassettes degrade with time. Your priceless memories, meticulously recorded on tape, will one day be unplayable. With appropriate maintenance, most VHS cassettes may survive up to 20 years with minor deterioration concerns. If you want these visuals to endure, you should have the VHS to Digital transfer done immediately before it’s too late.

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Digitize your legacy tape formats

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