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Converting VHS tapes to Digital might not seem a high priority, but if you have old tapes lying around, they could be storing valuable information that could be lost. Here are our top reasons why you should consider converting VHS tapes to Digital format.

VCRs are no longer available and working ones are becoming very difficult to find. Magnetic tape is ideal for playing back our favourite memories or reliving a significant event in the short term. Even if you don’t watch them, video cassettes degrade with time. Your priceless memories, meticulously recorded on tape, will one day be unplayable. With appropriate maintenance, most VHS cassettes may survive up to 20 years with minor deterioration concerns. If you want these visuals to endure, you should have the VHS to Digital transfer done immediately before it’s too late.

Play your videos without hassle

Whether you are a technology enthusiast or not, you probably have noticed that technologies are constantly evolving. For example, particular equipment models stop being produced, and these old models are replaced with new ones within a few years. This dilemma also applies to Betamax, Hi8, DV, Mini DV, HDV plus 8mm and 16mm films.
As a practical solution, convert your home videos to a digital format to play your videos without worry and hassle. This will allow you to view footage with sentimental value on almost any device.


Your memories with the people closest to your heart make a significant impact on your life. If they are recorded and stuck in a legacy format, make sure to have them digitized right away to enjoy the benefits listed above. So don’t wait until your old videos and films are damaged beyond recovery. Instead, reach out to our experts in video conversion to avoid losing your memories forever.

Immortalize your valuable memories with us at Precision Transfers in Canada through our 8mm, Super 8mm, Video 8, DV, and VHS to Digital. Regardless of your video format, we can duplicate or convert it into your desired format. Contact Us to get started in backing up your home videos.

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