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After placing your order, you’ll receive shipping instructions and a unique login, customer and order number plus shipping instructions for sending your package into Keyframe.

Your film, video tapes, camcorders and other video contents that you ship to us are irreplaceable. As added peace of mind, when sending us the material, you may enter a “declared value” for your inbound shipment and add insurance. Declaring your package’s value does not mean it is automatically insured for the declared value. Each courier will determine final compensation in lost or damaged situations based on whether the package was properly prepared, taped, labeled, etc.

Turnaround on most orders is 2 weeks, from physical receipt into our processing lab to you receiving a return digital file link.

Keyframe does not invoice or collect payment until the materials are digitized and the duration per tape has been logged. Once the time and costs have been entered then the customer will need to remit payment. For orders that require return of new digital files via drive and also returning the tapes, we will first obtain a shipment quote and add that to the order for payment. Once payment has been received , the job is ready to be shipped back to the customer.

Keyframe warranties its work to be correct and complete as written up in our services descriptions.

All conversion jobs and video projects are saved and backed up to our data storage network for 60 days. We do this for protection against damaged or lost return shipments and for accidental file deletion by the customer.

Keyframe values your privacy. We maintain a strict privacy policy on all content that we store and transfer for out customers. Nothing we handle for our customers is shared, released, or distributed by Keyframe or it’s employees. All information is kept confidential. You can learn more here.

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