Approximate turnaround is 2-3 weeks

16mm Film

You can tell if your 16mm film reels have sound by checking the following:

  • Does the film have sprockets on both sides? Your film is silent if that is the case.

  • Does the film have yellow or rust-colored strips on one side and sprockets on the other? It’s possible that you have sound.

  • Does the side or edge have a translucent strip of varying width? You may have optical sound if this is the case.

Regular 8mm Film

A regular 8mm film does not have the option of a sound track and is silent instead.

Super 8mm Film

There may be sound in your Super 8 films if the reel has a thin yellow or rust-colored strip alongside the reel next to the sprockets and a thicker yellow-colored strip on the other edge of the reel. If this is the case then you have sound film with the potential of recorded sound.

Please make sure you download the files to your computer. The preview link does not show the files best quality and might not have audio depending on your device. Downloading the files directly is the best way to view your home movies.

While upscaling your footage gains no additional pixelation during the process, upscaling changes the resolution of the displayed video signal. We convert using a broadcast up-converter that results in a higher quality end result.

The cost for upscaling is an additional $5 per tape which is charged on top of the standard transfer price.

If you’re not sure which media you have to start your order. Please give us a call at 1-888-827-7379¬†or you can even email us a picture of your media at

DVD’s have a standard shelf life of 5-10 years and are obsolete. We do not recommend transferring your memories to DVD.

Your video cassettes, tapes, film reels and slides deteriorate over time as does the equipment for playing analog media. Precision Transfers converts the original legacy media formats to digital files that you can save to your computer, cloud or USB media.

Your order will take 3-4 weeks from the time you send it to us to when you get it back. You will get an email notification once we receive your media, and another email when we have competed your order.

For large quantity orders we do offer special bulk rates. Please contact us for any special order requests or bulk pricing.

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