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16mm Film

You can tell if your 16mm film reels have sound by checking the following:

  • Does the film have sprockets on both sides? Your film is silent if that is the case.

  • Does the film have yellow or rust-colored strips on one side and sprockets on the other? It’s possible that you have sound.

  • Does the side or edge have a translucent strip of varying width? You may have optical sound if this is the case.

Regular 8mm Film

A regular 8mm film does not have the option of a sound track and is silent instead.

Super 8mm Film

There may be sound in your Super 8 films if the reel has a thin yellow or rust-colored strip alongside the reel next to the sprockets and a thicker yellow-colored strip on the other edge of the reel. If this is the case then you have sound film with the potential of recorded sound.

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