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Most newer computers do not have a DVD drive and players are no longer sold. In addition, DVDs can degrade over time, particularly if they are not stored properly. There are several factors that can contribute to DVD degradation, including exposure to heat, humidity, light, and scratches or damage to the surface of the disc.

The most common form of DVD degradation is referred to as “disc rot,” which occurs when the reflective layer of the disc deteriorates, causing the disc to become unreadable. This can be caused by exposure to high levels of humidity or environmental contaminants, such as pollutants or dust.

In summary, while DVDs are generally a reliable and durable format for storing and sharing video content, they can degrade over time if not properly cared for.

It’s worth noting that there are now many other digital formats available for storing and sharing video content, such as digital files and online platforms. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, one of these formats may be a better choice for transferring and storing your old videotape and VHS content.

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