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While there may be some advantages to upconverting standard definition (SD) video content to high definition (HD), it is important to note that the quality of the resulting video will ultimately depend on the quality of the original SD content.

Upconverting SD video to HD can result in a slightly sharper image with more detail, especially when viewed on a larger screen. However, this improvement in image quality will be limited by the resolution and quality of the original SD content. In other words, upconverting an old VHS tape to HD will not magically create a high-quality, high-definition image.

Overall, while upconverting SD video to HD can result in a slightly improved image quality, the benefits may not be significant enough to justify the cost and effort involved, especially if the original SD content is of low quality or if the upconversion process introduces additional image distortions.

At Precision Transfers, we convert using a broadcast up-converter that results in a higher quality end result.

The cost for upscaling is an additional $10 per tape which is charged on top of the standard transfer price.

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