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Tape Transfer


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Most people have old VHS, Betamax, video 8, digital or hi-8 tapes taking up room somewhere in storage and unfortunately, the tape format itself will decay over time so it is important to act now before it’s too late to save your home movies.

We can transfer all of your old VHS and VHS-C tapes to digital formats so they can be enjoyed by you and future generations to come.

At Keyframe, we digitize various type media to both uncompressed and compressed data file formats, and return these new digital copies via external hard-drive, and or web download.  All video tapes will be converted to Apple ProRes 422 for the preservation copy, and to H.264 or MP4 for the access copy. Keyframe will maintain a backup of all captured content on Data tapes for a period of 60 days, as backup protection. During the project, Keyframe will maintain a private secure online spreadsheet shared with the customer listing all media items, original tape title, new file title, runtime, file size and assigned final storage media.

* Discount Applies at Checkout