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Video Tape Transfer Service In Canada


Cleaning, repairing, and prepping the physical media may be needed to ensure smooth transfer and conversion. Please note that magnetic tape does deteriorate over-time and while we handle all media with care, the physical media may not be able to playback properly or has suffered damage from improper storage or age.

Resulting File Format:

At Precision Transfers, we digitize various type media to both uncompressed and compressed data file formats, and if selected, the originals can be returned along with a USB or external hard-drive, and or web download. All video tapes will be converted to Apple ProRes 422 for the preservation copy, and to H.264 or MP4 for the access copy. Precision Transfers will maintain a backup of all captured content on Data tapes for a period of 60 days, as backup protection. During the project, Precision Transfers will maintain a private secure online spreadsheet shared with the customer listing all media items, original tape title, new file title, runtime, file size and assigned final storage media.

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Shipping into Precision Transfers is done through Canada Post or your local courier and not included in the rates. If you would like the tapes or films returned, there is a return shipment fee option when placing your order. If the customer chooses to do so, the original tape media can be recycled and not returned on completion.

The transferred files are sent by a Google Drive link where you can download the transferred files. The standard transfer format is high-quality mp4 and we also have a local back-up that we store for 6 months. If you have a specific format request please let us know in advance.

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